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The primary objective of the GUS Project is to map the natural (non-composition based) syllabaries of Unicode onto a common linguistic frame of reference. The target frame of reference is a CVCT table (consonant-vowel-consonant-tone) applying IPA rules for the phonemic mapping of the symbols.



GUS has is not intended as merely an academic exercise. Rather, it has its origin in the pragmatic "Syllables.txt" developed for Perl support of syllabic regular expressions. GUS is both an extension and refinement of that original effort to better and more accurately support a wider range of scripts as well as and locales. The "Syllables.txt" produced by the GUS project will serve as a useful reference for:

  1. syllabic character classes.
  2. regular expression languages.
  3. transliteration between syllabaries and other writing systems.
  4. phonetic based and script independent input methods.


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Source Forge Page

The GUS Project Page

Regular Expressions

An article on Syllabic Pattern Matching

An article on Syllabic Character Folding

Help Wanted!

Quite a bit of assistance is still needed for this project to succeed. In particular experts are needed for the Yi, Canadian Aboriginal, Katakana, Hiragana and Cherokee syllabaries. Please join the mail list or send other inquiries by email to yacob(at)

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